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Kids say things that bring me joy!

Funny stuff kids said to me today (at school and at home):

Me: “Little girl, I love your long hair.  Did you ever cut it before?

Little girl: “yeah, my mom cuts it with a knife (illustrates with a whiplash effect with her hand)


And another…

Me:  “What does your Dad do?”

Little Boy: “He farms.”

Me: “And what about your Mom…?”

Little Boy: “She just shops.”


And another…

Me: (as I point to a picture of a nose on a face):  “What is this?”

Little Boy: “A nose.”

Me: “…and what is it for?”

Little Boy: “For picking.”


And another…

Me: “Little Boy, can you name two articles of clothing for me?”

Little Boy: “pants and long johns…”


And another…

MaryAnne, my youngest daughter: “Who is that man? (pointing to someone we know in a restaurant)

Me: He is a retired teacher.

MaryAnne: “You mean he is just too tired to scream at the kids anymore?


And another…

Sarah, my second youngest daughter: (with a dead serious expression on her face) Our guidance counsellor is 73 years old, you know.

Me: “Sarah, no he’s not.

Sarah: (perplexed, but still adamant about her statement)  “He told us he was.  Well then, he’s 72.”


Bah dum dum, (crash)!


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