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J.O.Y. of the top ten list…

The Top Ten Highlights of My Monday (in no order of importance…)

1.)    Getting up only 10 minutes late in spite of the fact that Husband forgot to set the alarm.

2.)    Finishing half of my cold toast and carrying in the other half to school (to hopefully finish at recess) concealed inside an empty cookie container that happened to be kicking around our van.

3.)    Having enough time prior to the bus arriving (exactly 8 minutes to spare) so that it looked like I was well-prepared for the day.

4.)    Being told flat-out in a staff meeting that my alto voice (a.k.a. big mouth) completely dominated the choral group I sang in last Friday.

5.)    Being told that same embarrassing scenario was captured on video tape.

6.)    Arriving home from work to find out there are exactly enough hamburgers left over from Sunday’s bar-b-q that I don’t have to cook supper.

7.)    And for whoever is still hungry, there is greasy Greco tonight at piano lessons for an after-dinner snack.

8.)    Finding out that what I thought was a criminal breaking into the school tonight (as I worked after hours), was only a stray cat.

9.)    Having just enough time to sneak in some surf-time on the Internet before cleaning the bathroom.

10.) Sleeping children, snoring husband and a pillow-top mattress.


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