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Joy in laughter…

Just now, I laughed.  Loud and hard, like a free-spirited little kid.  And it felt good to laugh!  I don’t know whether or not it was the first time today that I let out a bellow.  I honestly can’t remember.  I was too preoccupied all day long worrying about changes Autumn brings with it, along with routines and schedules and school and work, and then worry led to anxiety, and anxiety to a bit of an emotional break-down, and there I was.  A mess.  And here I am now, a recovering basket-case.  Trying to sweep up the broken pieces and find some joy in it all.

Even if that joy happens to be found in a pair of toilet seat covers.

I am taking an electric drill out to the car that Husband had used earlier to fix a toilet seat in our downstairs bathroom, when I see on the ground of our side yard, two dirty, broken toilet seats lying haphazardly side by side.  If that’s not the grossest thing to picture next to your petunia pots, I honestly don’t what is.  Call me a hillbilly and be done with it because that was the first thought that flashed into my head- that I had finally nailed the last spike into the coffin and become a true redneck.  The kittens even were playing amongst the debris, overcome with their good fortune to finally have found a toy big enough to sit on.

Meanwhile, inside the house.  Apparently, the screws on one of the toilet seats were corroded on and would not unscrew.  Thus, the electric drill. If you were to check our laptop Internet history, the second last search on Google this evening was this: how to remove a rusted toilet seat.  Doesn’t that just give one a little bird’s eye view of the goings on at the Gard household on a Tuesday evening.  I actually went to a meeting at 7:30 p.m., and two hours later, Husband had finally completed the bathroom renovation project.  Never mind the fact that I might have raised my eyebrows slightly over the wee bit to do with the kids still being up and running around.  I digress.   I just let that minor inconvenience slide in lieu of my newly installed, luxery toilet seats purchased for $19.95 each from Walmart.  Deal breaker- whether or not he can install toilet seats.  I guess he is a keeper.

I must say, I am pretty pumped that we got that old seat cover outta there.  Totally grossed out, by the way, that it was corroded by you-know-what.  I guess that is to be expected with two guys in the house. ‘Cause I know I am not the one responsible for that rusty little number on the back of the toilet .

But funnier still is this.  The very last Google search in our Internet search history is even more random than the latter.  Husband thought it would be “cool” to buy a bow tie to wear for his first day back to school.  We went to the mainland last week for a short shopping spree in the city, and his only purchase was this electric blue bow tie.  So the last search he conducted this evening was how to tie a bow tie.  My husband.  The fancy plumber.

The first couple attempts (think Mr. Dress-up, for any Canadian readers out there) were really worthwhile for me personally, as I needed a few more belly laughs to loosen up some tight, tense stomach muscles.  And for sure.  I am feeling quite footloose and fancy free at the moment.  I have brand new toilet seats in both my bathrooms, and a Husband who is sporting the latest in back-to-school attire with a bow tie, a long-sleeved dress-shirt and a dirty pair of shorts.   And I even got to laugh in spite of all the craziness of it all.  Joy doubled.  Go figure.

What more could a girl ask for then that?


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