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First day of school bloopers:

I got called Mrs. Wood (which ran a close second to “what’s your name again???”) all day.  I think it was the “smell ya later” that the infamous D.W. (our vivacious former Vice-principal) said on her way out the kindergarten door, that really stuck with them.

As I was on duty, I ended up eating my “whatever-I-could-stuff-in-a-grocery-bag” lunch whilst opening umpteen dozen packages for the little people all around me.  As I had no juice box, I actually finished off the remains of two unfinished ones left on a certain little girls desk at the end of the day.  Don’t worry; they were my daughter’s.

Sam missed the “first-day-of-junior-high-school” bus after waiting in the rain for 20 plus minutes (new bus driver just drove on by…)

Sarah left her sandwich out overnight thus eliminating the time-saving idea I had to make sandwiches the night before…

MaryAnne had no Kaiser roll for her lunch as a result and we had to scrounge up some loose bread ends instead…she also got short-changed in the snack department and I had to keep sneaking her food all day undercover.

Maggie…other than sharing her locker with a boy with stinky feet and feeling embarrassed because her mother apparently forgot three major items on the school supply list, it was all good.

Brian nearly ran out of gas after driving in the opposite direction to drop off Sam, and then a 360 back to work.  He was also late for school.


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