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The joy of children…

I am a kindergarten teacher.  I have the unique privilege of teaching children who WANT to go to school.  Children who look downcast when you tell them Saturday is a day off and that after Saturday is Sunday-another day away from school.  Children who share that what makes them happy is ‘going to school’.   Children who bring you crushed leaves, dandy lions and small pebbles as gifts and expect you to react like you just won the lottery.  Children who sometimes call you “mom”, and you know they said it because they like you.   Children who hug you on their way to the bus.    And then whom wave to you from inside the bus, as it is driving by, as if they were going on a long journey, and will not see you for months.

As a teacher, it really does not get much better than this.  For anyone with self-esteem issues, teach kindergarten.   If your love language is the power of touch, teach kindergarten.  If you have had three rough years of teaching in a row, you just might need a pick-me-up.  Teach kindergarten.  If you care not that you are singing the Hokey Pokey at the top of your lungs, while dressed in professional attire (with a pair of fuzzy socks stashed away inside your story-time easel – just in case), you just might already be teaching kindergarten.  You know what I’m talking about.  You ARE a kindergarten teacher- you just don’t know it yet!

I don’t believe it when they say, “It takes a special person to teach kindergarten.”  Actually, it takes a special person to teach anyone.  And if you are a teacher and you love kids and you care about the little people they are, you just might be special enough to teach kindergarten.  And then some.

As much as I love teaching kindergarten, I love that I am a mother to our four children.  I don’t always love being a mother.  I don’t always love mothering our four very different, very strong-willed children.  We definitely have our moments of crazy in the house.   But I love my four precious children.  And I love having mothered them.   Especially when they are all quiet and sleeping at the end of the day.  And I will continue to love these four with my heart soul and strength, even when the going gets tough and life presents challenges.

I love cuddling with my kids at night, just before I say my last good-night of the evening.

I was lying under the covers with my youngest, talking about her day, and she reached over and touched my cheek, kissed me and said, “I love you soooo much.”  And I thought to myself, this is the pinnacle of parenthood.  Being loved back.  Feeling a child’s love tangibly.  Evocatively.  Emotionally.  And through the power of touch.

And although being a mom is not always easy, these precious moments of today are what really matter.  It truly doesn’t get much better than this.


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