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Laughing my way into Monday…

While leaving from church and talking about Operation Christmas Child as we made tracks for home, my youngest and next in line are chatting about what they will put in this year’s boxes (because apparently, they are going to do a zillion of em’). Youngest says, “But we won’t put in any BOMBS or toothpaste.” Glad we cleared the air on that debate-able issue…

Sometimes the wisdom she comes out with amazes me, and all at the ripe old age of five.  Tonight, when asked by a family friend what she would do if ever she found herself lost, say in a mall.  To which, he had a list of “what-to-do’s’ ready to give her, were she unable to come up with an answer. “I would stand still and wait for my mommy,” she retorted.  “Wow,” he said.  “I had my daughter google the proper protocol for such situations.

Who needs proper protocol when you have a kindergartner in the house?

The other day, we were celebrating Fire Safety Prevention Week with three fire fighters from a local detachment.  The children all had opportunity to ask questions and offer sage advice.  To which, the fire fighters gave every possible scenario, or so they thought, as to what to do if the kids ever found themselves inside a burning building.  We had covered STOP, DROP and ROLL.  We learned FALL and CRAWL.  And we also heard umpteen dozen other kindergarten suggestions as to what to do if ever in a burning building.  When it came time for Youngest to ask her question, here is what she proffered:

“What do you do if you are in a room, and the RUG catches fire?”

Hmmm.  What DO you DO?  Turns out, the fire fighters had never been asked this question before.  Leave it to my kid to stump a professional.


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