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Hope renewed…

I feel discouragement tonight covering me like a dark, heavy cloak.  This has been one of those days of joy-less mothering.  Of difficult parenting.  Of challenging discussions.  Of battered emotions and low self- efficacy.  Of wondering ‘what if’ and ‘how come.’  Of hopelessness.   And just now, as I sit and contemplate where I am with myself and why.  I remember this: sometimes we have days like this one.  When everything seems hard.   When nothing is easy.  And things don’t really seem very funny either.  But there’s always tomorrow.  And with that hope comes the possibility that there will be a brighter day.


Ten things to be grateful for today:

1.)    The falling leaves- rich hues of red, green and orange.  Dusting the ground with vibrant color.

2.)    Banana chocolate chip muffins fresh from the oven, ooey-gooey goodness.

3.)    Pumpkin spice tea from Tim Horton’s. Um-yum.

4.)    Walking at twilight on a quiet road.  Much needed stress-relief for today.

5.)    Tinkling the ivories.  I love playing the piano and singing.

6.)    Flannel sheets.  My daughter’s are so comfy.

7.)    Fresh laundry. Mmmmm…

8.)    Clean stoves. Mine, cleaned by Husband.

9.)    Good books. I’m on my last chapter.

10.) Faith, love and hope. In God, people and myself.


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