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Tired joy…

It’s been an interesting, eventful, exhausting day.  I woke this morning, and about an hour and a half into my day, I actually thought to myself, “This could make for one funny blog this evening.”   Stress on the could.  There are some days when it is even a stretch for me to find the funny in life.  Today, I had a sore throat as soon as I awoke, causing me to feel as if a scarf had permanently been lodged in my trachea.  Then, the fun and games (a.k.a. adolescent mood swings, picky eater’s complaints about food, and other such joy) began about 6:45a.m.  And by 8:15 a.m., as I realized that I was sadly behind schedule and would unfortunately not have time to make up for today’s ill-prepared Kindergarten lesson plan by arriving at school early, I resigned myself to the fact that ‘this was going to be ones of those days’.

And no doubt about it.  It was one of those days.

A day when kids woke up angry, one slamming a door, another had a nose bleed, (no drips hit the floor)

A day of lost e-mails, payments forgotten, to-do lists unmade and I felt plain old rotten.

Complaints about long hair, missed appointments galore, work overdue, stuff all over the floor.

Kids in my classroom, no after school care, will someone please teach them, just how to share?


And that’s just my day job.

I am right now looking at the computer screen, and letters are starting to come together, then float off into space…’me thinks’ it is time for this old gal to call it a day.   And considering ‘the day’ I have had thus far, it might just be my best option yet.  To hit the hay.

Happy Friday evening, everyone!


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