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Confessions of a Good Enough Mama…

Here it is- confessions of a good enough mother.  Because slacker is such a strong word.

I admit it.  I use nearly-rotten bananas in smoothies and quickly hide the skins in the compost container.  Just so the kids don’t see what grossness they are actually drinking.

I also own up to the fact that when playing hide and seek, I will use the time I count slowly to twenty, as well as the time I painstakingly pretend to look for the kidlets, to do various household chores and other odds and ends.  Or I use it to just breathe steady and remember that bedtime is almost here.

Yes, I do skip pages when reading at bedtime.  This tactic is on its last legs as Littlest One is herself now reading.  It was such a lovely trick.

Sometimes I forget to pick my children up from their after-school activities;  and I have left a child behind.  Occasionally.  Don’t judge me because I am absent-minded.

I have been known to stealthily finish piano homework with my children while the lesson is in progress.  Just so we can get the sticker and call it a wrap.

Our kids sometimes eat cereal as their main meal.

Pretty well every one of my children wears socks with holes in them.  Then again, so do I.

I take my kids to the pool primarily so I can sit in the hot tub.

I am reading this, that or the other while they are on the ice, or playing at the park or when I should be putting them to bed.  I try to time looking up when they are skating by.

I am perpetually late for everything.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

I brush my two youngest darling daughters hair as soon as they get to school.  Thank goodness I teach Littlest One or her hair would never get brushed.

And I buy fries at the rink every Wednesday, just because.  Easy-peasie.

Am I a slacker?  Or is this the new normal?

I have to say.  Being mediocre makes me a better mama.  Because there is more to life than perfection.  And mediocre helps me to remember this.

“I’m smart enough.  I’m good enough.  And dog-gone it…the kids love me!”


One thought on “Confessions of a Good Enough Mama…

  1. Ah, Lori-what Mama, even yours truly-your own Mama-hasn’t skipped pages, or fudged a bit on the freshness of fruit in smoothies!! I am pretty sure I have never met a perfect mother–but, I have met an awful lot who do the very best they can, love their kids and the kids grow up pretty normal despite the lack of perfection! Who do you think you learn all these great tricks from anyway!!!!

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