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Funny things my family says…

Home sick this afternoon…so I asked Littlest One if the kids missed me. Her reply. “Yes, they did for a while. Then they forgot about it.”

Oh well…


Most oft used expression/excuse by a certain someone in our house (to explain away a wide variety of problems and other such issues/concerns: “I’m hitting puberty now.” To which, a sibling asked this evening: “What’s puberty?”


Sadly, I also have one about my Husband…

As he was addressing Christmas cards for me this evening, he said:

“What’s that *certain nephew’s* name again?” (to which, he immediately said the wrong name.) And then, to make matters worse, he ended with this:
“And what’s his brother’s name again???”


Monday morning, 4:30 a.m….
Second Oldest:”Mom, I’m scared!”
Me: “What’s wrong, Sweetie?”
Second Oldest: “I just had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that there was a little skunk in our house and it sprayed and the smell was so bad it killed me.

Just another typical day/night at the funny farm.



Me: “Was that you whistling at piano lessons tonight?
Littlest One: “Yeah, but I can only whistle in, like this…(demonstrates)

“But I don’t whistle much anymore.”

Me: “Why not?”
Littlest One: “I’m too busy.”


Second Youngest: “Mom, I want to have lots of kids, but they have to be tame.”

That’ll be the day.


Son (laughing sarcastically): “Mom, Dad doesn’t know what the ee-co-onomi is.”

Me: :The what?

Son: (still laughing…) “The ee-co-onomi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: “Do you mean the economy?”

Husband: using his best hill-billy accent ever…Well, sonny, tell me what the ee-co-onomi is there, sonny…is that what they’ve been learnin’ you all about at school….????”

Oh dear.



Littlest One: “What does obey mean?”

Me: (…so glad you asked, Sweetie…I feel like we’re turning a corner here….) “It means to make the right choices.”

Littlest One: “So what’s the opposite…”un-bey”?

Ummmm, I don’t like where this conversation is going….



Littlest One: “Mom, do you ever brush your hair?”

Wow, Baby. Wow.




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