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Five year old conversations…


Little Girl: “I lost my tooth, Mrs. Gard!!!”

Me: “Well, let’s put it here in your coat pocket.”


Little Girl (sad face, on her hands and knees searching under the desk): “I lost my tooth, Mrs. Gard.”

Me: “You lost your tooth, and now you’ve gone and lost your tooth?


Little Girl (muttering to herself): “Oh man.  My mother is going to be so mad when she finds out I’ve lost my tooth.  What’s she going to think?  What’s she going to say…?  She’ll say, ’Oh ____, you lost your tooth…where is it?’, and I am going to have to tell her, ‘I don’t know where it is, Mom’.”

End of the Day:

Me:  If I find your tooth, I’ll save it and give it to you on Tuesday, kay?”

Little Girl: “Okay!!!!  (then, contemplatively, she says, as if deciding I might need some description so as to narrow things down) “Okay,  well…it’s WHITE….and it’s a little dirty.”



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