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Love on anyway…

Love.  It is the one thing life must be characterized by.  But at times, the hardest thing to give.  The most difficult offering to bring forward when we’ve been wronged.  When we are wounded and hurting and desperate for justice.   We say we love.  But do we truly love…everyone?  I know I have a long way to go.

Because love is hard.  It asks much.  It takes us places we sometimes don’t wish to go.

And the road to knowing love and being loving and understanding true LOVE.  That road is narrow.   By times, it might be the road less traveled.  And true.  I might have avoided that road on a few of my journeys.  But it is never too late to begin anew.

What is love?

Love is patient.  (It puts up with a lot.  And often a great lot, at that.)

Love is kind. (It gives without asking in return)

Love does not envy. (It knows what it has is enough)

Love does not boast. (…and it knows not to ‘make much’ over things and possessions)

Love is not proud. (It is humble)

It isn’t rude. (It is winsome)

It is not self-seeking. (It is outward-looking in its view)

It is not easily angered. (It is tolerant)

It keeps no record of wrongs.  (It is forgiving)

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. (It is honest.)

It always protects.  (It is courageous.)

It always trusts.  (It is loyal)

It always hopes.  (It has faith that can move mountains)

It always perseveres.  (It is persistent and dogged in its focus)

Love never fails.  (It is everlasting)

And when the only remaining, sure things in life are what I have faith in, what I have hope for and whom I love.  I know the greatest of all.  Is true, perfect unbroken  LOVE.

LOVE.  The love of father.  The love of a child.  The love of a mother.  The love of a friend.  The love of God.

When you don’t feel like turning the other cheek.  When you don’t feel like second chances should be had.  When you’ve been hurt and wounded and torn apart.

Love anyway.

When you’ve been wronged.


Because you know that grace-filled love is the answer.  Because you know that sometimes life’s not perfect.  Because you know that everybody needs compassion.  Forgiveness.  Kindness.  Mercy.

So love on anyway.  Even when you don’t feel like loving.  Love.  It is all that matters in this life.  And only when we open our minds to understanding love will we then begin to know love in its purest form.


When the chaos surrounds like a cloak, lean in and draw close.  Breathe in the fragrance of life.  Life is messy but it is sweet.   Try to find the joy inside it.

And above all, love.


One thought on “Love on anyway…

  1. Good perspective-I used to feel guilty about not having a warm, fuzzy feeling toward people who have hurt me–or, harder still, hurt my family. But, that is not really the kind of love God speaks of that He wants characteristic of His children. I am coming to understand that loving people you do not like!! really means not wanting bad things to happen to them, not wishing ill or hurt to them-and giving kindness buoyed by the Love of God, not my own paltry strength. Keep on, dear girl! There is One who always loves us-all the time-with no hurt feelings or temperamental emotions at all!

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