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39 ways to have a Beautiful Life

39 ways to have a Beautiful Life…in celebration of my 39th birthday.

1. Breathe.  Inhale fresh air from the great outdoors.  Stop to smell the tree blossoms, pick a daisy, watch a bird in flight.  Stay in the moment, slowing down enough to enjoy the simple things in life.

2. Jump.  Jump on a trampoline, a bed or a pile of laundry.  Jumping is what kids do to have fun.  Take the hint.

3. Smile.  Practice in the mirror, if need be.  Then try it out on at least two other people.  See if it really is contagious.

4. Rest. Sit back and relax in a chair that reclines.  Then close your eyes and wait for it: that sigh of contentment.

5. Read.  Preferably something that provokes you, lifts you, challenges you, entertains you, inspires you or encourages you.  But if you are not in the mood for any of that, read Facebook statuses.  They’ll do in a pinch.

6. Cook.  By yourself, with a friend, with your spouse, with your children, with your students.  Try it.  It will either make you hungrier or take away any and all impulses you might have had for binge eating.  Especially when you cook with a five-year old finger-licker/nose-picker.

7. Walk.  Go for long walks.  By yourself, this will be rejuvenating.  With a friend, it will be motivating.

8. Work.  Work hard at what you do.  Give it 100 % while you are at it.  Then, when you are done the task, leave it alone.  And go play.

9. Play.  Play harder than you work.  Life is about more than just going through the motions.  Enjoy the moments that matter most to you.

10. Choose joy.  It is part attitude, part emotion and part choice.  If you choose joy, you are two-thirds of the way there already.

11. Have faith.  It can move mountains.  It’s pretty good at molehills too.

12. Treat yourself.  Buy something just because.  Then use it.  A lot.

13. Love.  Love quietly, love loudly.  Love anyway.

14. Express yourself.  Through written word, verbal  exchange or digital text.  Tell someone who cares.  And tell them often.

15. Exercise.   Set goals and achieve them.  Then set new goals.  Keep at it.  And make it doable.

16. Photograph much.  Use your camera to capture your life.  A picture is actually worth more than 1000 words.  If you look close enough.

17. Travel.  Go on that trip, vacation, voyage.  Visit those places that you’ve always dreamed about.

18. Kiss often.  Kiss a lover, a friend, a father, a mother, a child.   Kiss a stuffed animal, when all else fails.  And on St. Paddy’s Day, kiss someone who is Irish.

19.  Pursue your wildest dreams.  Chase them down like a relentless hound after a fox.  Don’t let them get away.  Spend your life following them.  And relish the feeling when you finally see them realized.

20. Pray.  God listens.  He hears.  I know.  I’ve heard his Voice in a thousand different situations.

21. Step outside your comfort zone.  Do something that challenges you.  Something that makes you uncomfortable even as it makes you grow as a person.  Use  this opportunity as a springboard to help another person do the same.

22. Talk to a child.  Children know stuff adults have long forgotten.  Kids can remind you what really matters.  When all is said and done.

23. Learn something new every day.  And ask yourself, “What did I learn today?”  Don’t take ‘nothing’ as an answer.  You know better than that.

24. Re-connect with a long-lost friend.  Write then a letter, an e-mail , a Facebook message.  Tell them how much their friendship has meant to you over the years.

25.  Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Don’t be obscure.  Or vague.  Unless you are at a formal dinner party with people you don’t know.  In which, ignore everything I just said.

26. Laugh.  Often.  Heartily.  Loud.  Enthusiatically.  So, so good for the body.  Instant muscle relaxer.

27.  Forgive.  Seventy-times seven.

28. Get a hobby.  You’ll need it for when you retire.  Might as well start trying out the more expensive options while you still have the money to finance it.

29. Let go of the past.  That was then.  This is now.  Live in the day you are given.  And let tomorrow take care of itself.  But that’s another point all together.

30. Embrace you imperfections.  You aren’t perfect.  Neither is anyone else.  You know that.  So do they.  Let’s get on with what really matters: making the most of what we’ve got to work with.  Short of Botox, what you see is what you get.  (Until tomorrow when you wake up with a huge zit.)

31. Appreciate the little things in life.  They are what matter sometimes most of all.  Appreciate the little things that other people do for you.  Sometimes they are the game changers.  The moments in life when the tide turns and the perspectives change.

32. Join a club.  A committee, a group, class.  Be part of something bigger.  Not because you are paid to do it.  But because you want to.

33.  Compliment others.  Make much of the people in your life.  Tell the people around you how awesome you think they are.  Because they are.  Awesome.

34. Seek. Search for something greater to fill the void than material possessions.  Than earthly gains.  That stuff will only last for so long.  And then the search will begin again.  Fill that void with what really matters.  With Whom really matters.  And find out how the search leads to a deeper understandings of what really satisfies.

35. Have birthday parties every year.  Celebrate life.  Each year you are alive is cause for fireworks.  You made it!  To another year!  You’re still here!  How great is that!

36. Make new friends, new connections and new networks.  While there is nothing quite like an old friend, you’ll never know what new friend is on their way to becoming that soon-to-be old friend unless you meet them today.  Get talking!

37. Enjoy as many moments of your life as is humanly possible.  If there are only two moments each day, milk those two moments for all they are worth.  They are precious moments.  Even if they are rare.  If you are fortunate to have more than two, than pass the love around.  Other people could benefit from your positive outlook on life.

38. Love your neighbor as yourself.  Be empathic.  Be compassionate.  Caring.  Kind.  Merciful.  Do unto others.  Even when they don’t return the favor.  But don’t be surprised when your life starts setting a new kind of standard for the rest of the world.

39. Love God with all your heart and soul and strength.  All else pales in comparison.


3 thoughts on “39 ways to have a Beautiful Life

  1. What an awesome list-you have learned a lot in your dear and precious life, dear daughter! Bless you as you begin another-how well I remember holding that little bundle-the first to make me a mother-how grateful I am for that incredible role! Happy Birthday from Mom

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