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Have a nice day!

There are students at my school that sing to the teachers as we come in the school.  This is what they sing: “Welcome to Blooooomfield!!!!  Have a nice day!  And I cannot help but think that these students have a really great way of looking at life…and a great perspective.  And they remind me each and every morning that a great life starts with a great day.  Not a perfect day…just a day that has potential to be awesome.  And all because of perspective.

Sometimes I just need to remember how to have a beautiful day.   That great days happen when I…

*smile often and lavishly

*think before I speak

*laugh as much as is possible

*make lemonade out of those lemons!

* make the best of things…

*treat myself to something every day…little luxuries make life special

*dream a little.  On second thought..nah!  Dream a lot!

*pray continuously

*kiss those special ‘somebodies’

*hug a child

*allow myself to be challenged

*push myself outside your comfort zone




*and remember: this is not just another day…it’s NOW.  There will never be another NOW exactly like this one, again.

So.  have a nice day!  And make the most of NOW.  Don’t be one bit surprised if you have a beautiful day because of it.


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