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What the world needs now…

What the world needs now is truth-tellers.  Shamelessly spreading the word- that the new normal is flawed, imperfect living done in the real world.  Transparent style.

What the world needs now is empathy.   Compassion spreaders intent on understanding people and their complicated stories.  Covering the world with a blanket of caring kindness.  So that compassion is more prevalent than indifference.  So that warmth and sincerity become the standard method of interpersonal dealings.

What the world needs now is authenticity.  Genuine, honest discussion free of stereotypes, labels and subjectivity.  We are all different, that is a given.  But isn’t it high time we started treating each other with heartfelt  concern and respectful consideration?  People matter- all of us.

What the world needs now is brokenness.    People willing to let go of pride.    Freed to embrace humility.  To embrace Gratitude.  Grace.  Love.

People freed so as to have faith in Hope.  To have faith in something bigger than themselves.

What the world needs now is the purest example of that Faith come to Life.

We need a saviour.  Salvation through the daily dying to self and living to Life.  Putting away that which encumbers and clinging to that which enables.  Resisting all those things which drag us down.

Choosing joy over despair.  Choosing truth over lies.  Choosing life over death.

Choosing to live the best life we were meant to live.  Living each and every moment, but not concerning ourselves with the details.  Just concerning ourselves with the living.

What the world needs now is an alternative to what is driving us into these caverns of despair.  We need an option that is unconventional.  Something bigger and better than we’ve been offered in the past.

And we might not find what we’ve been searching for in a book.  Or in a classroom.  Or in a church, a speaker or a platform.  Or in charisma and personality.  It might be hard to find.

Or it just might be right under our noses.

Because none of those things I’ve listed above are permanent.    Are fixtures.  These things are fluid structures at best.  Books will fail.  Classrooms will fail.  Churches will undoubtedly fail, as will the vivid personalities associated with such.  People will fail.

We must find that Elusive Something in an Other-Worldy place.  Because the here and now isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

The answer begins with a whisper.  Is heard softly through that still small Voice that speaks to the deepest, darkest places of the soul.  That Voice which reminds us- we were purposed and destined to being when He breathed us to life.  When He Spoke and the earth shuddered.

For we are loved.

We are so deeply loved.

And we are exactly whom we were meant to be- frail, fragile, imperfect people.  Damaged, but not destroyed.  Beautiful, in spite of imperfection  and flaws.  Designed with a soul that craves for more.   We are never full, but we are not empty.  For we are just as the Father intended, complete with all our failings.  And so utterly loved.   Wholly and entirely, with every fiber of being.

He loves us- just as we are.  And we are enough.


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