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That kind of day…

It was that kind of day. Woke up way too late, after a night of bad dreams. Disconcerting to wake up wondering, “Was that real?”  Or not.  Already knowing it would be THAT kind of day.  During lunch, which I was rushing through so as to not be late for afternoon plans, I knocked over a mason jar with thousands of layered lentils decoratively arranged to make a candle holder.  My one and only Pinterest craft.  Toppled when I reached for a banana at lunch. Glass and hard little lentils flung into four different rooms.

Yes. It’s been that kind of day.

The kind of day where the boat broke down yet again, only this time with a bevy of neighborhood kids in tow.  Later, Middle One got hurt on a knob in the car.  That kind of day.  Oldest misplaced his soccer jersey while I was at school prepping for Fall, leaving Husband to drive to school and bang on windows so as to connect with me.  And all because my phone was turned down.  Thus causing Oldest to be stressfully late for the soccer game, which ended up being played mostly in a downpour.

Because I had rushed home from school prematurely, I also happened to leave the lights on at the school, where I had also forgotten my purse and phone.  Which is to say that I had to go back after dark when soccer was over so that the lost could be found.

That kind of day.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. And there is often a rainbow on the other side.

Tonight, this rainbow spread across the sky, arching from one end of the soccer field to the other.  Looking for all the world like the promise it was made to be.

And then.

Came home in a cluttered van with three wet, tired and dirty children from the disappointing soccer match to find five adorable little kittens playing on the driveway.   Can’t beat that.  Can’t beat the smiles and the squeals and the giggles of little girls holding calico and ginger babies under their chins.

Life is what you make of it. It’s glass half full every time.

And even though it is not always warm fuzzy kittens and beautiful rainbows with maybe a pot of gold, sometimes it is. It is just THAT. And when it is that kind of day, what else is there to do but throw your hands up in the air and smile?  Give thanks?  And breathe a sigh of relief.

Because it’s been that kind of day.


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