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Kindergarten funnies…

Monday weekend news in the kindergarten classroom. I am listening to stories about everyone’s weekend and I get to the last little rascal and I ask him, “What happened to you that was exciting this weekend?” And he proceeds to tell me (with the saddest, most downcast face a darling boy could muster) that his father had gotten rid of their cat this past weekend. And he carried on the story as I asked question after question about why and how and yadda yadda yadda this all came about. And the further we got into the story, I could hear the pity in my voice until I was just about at the point of the morning routine when we would have to stop the share and move on to something else…when he starts splitting his side LAUGHING his head off at me and yelling, “GOTCHA!!!! GOTCHA!!!!” And I stop dead in my tracks and look at him and then I say, “You mean to tell me this story wasn’t true????” And he goes, “Nope!!! I was just joking!!!” And as he laughs at the complete ignorance of his teacher, she sits there in a chair beside him with her jawbone literally on the floor.

Fictional story telling 1.1? Check.


Question I was asked today by a student. For real.
“Mrs. Gard, when you see a real, live turkey and you start to drool, what does that mean?”

Gooooooooooood question.  Let me google it…




Overheard in the Kindergarten classroom today…
Little Boy: “I wish I was …PREGNANT.” (?)

and later on…
Different Little Boy: “I am Mrs Gard…” (?)

BTW, these two stories are on NO WAY related.



Me (looking at the calendar on our classroom wall): “So Boys and Girls, what’s coming up on Wednesday?”
Child #1: “I can chase a bee….”
Child #2: ” I held a baby once…”
Distracted much?



Little Boy: “Mrs. Gard, can you show me how to draw a heart…’cuz I want to love you.”





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