Tomorrow’s Coming


I am thinking about fading summer and fast-approaching autumn tonight- and how each individual day is slipping by so very quickly. Where do you go in such a hurry, Time?  I wish I knew.

Today was an ordinary, ‘run-of-the-mill’ kind of day- the kind that are suppose to take their good ole’ time to pass. I did the normal things- laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping. Made lunch and supper. Talked on the phone, emailed- even put a few hours into my classroom. But when I look back on this ordinary day- I can’t believe how fast it flew.

It just flew by.

And here we are at the close of another Monday.  Another Monday in a string of Mondays.

We played cards tonight with the kiddos. It was a bust of a game. I intermittently yawned and growled the kids. Son yapped at his sisters, the Youngest screeched at everyone and the two Older Girls fought. So, so fun. Husband asked before the game if we really needed to play (submit ourselves to the games gods on an altar of faded, bent Rook cards). Of course, I said we did- I wouldn’t want a moment to pass us by. Wouldn’t want to lose an opportunity for wonderful, family bonding round our kitchen table.  Wouldn’t want to waste an opportunity to connect (kill one another).

Must.not.waste.a.moment. That is, must not waste a moment of summer freedom.

Ah, summer.  I do so love you.

As the Older Two Girls were reminiscing in bed tonight about the whirl-wind week gone by spent with their cousins, I started thinking too. Thinking about the fact that sometimes in my quest to seize the day- seize the moment: I end up just feeling like everything is slipping through my fingers like fine grains of sand on the shoreline. And by trying to hold on, I end up desperately grasping at what was and forget about what is. And what will be.

There is more to come than just today.

Tomorrow’s coming.

Tomorrow is another day. Another strand of little moments stretched out in front of me- moments to enjoy and learn and grow and experience.

Tomorrow is another opportunity. Another chance to do things differently- exercising patience, love, grace and forgiveness.

Tomorrow is another adventure. Another road in the journey- taking me to people and places. Spaces I’ve never been.

Tomorrow is a new chapter. It’s the next page that hasn’t been written yet.  The newest turn in the plot.

And if I’m blessed to be given another tomorrow, I will know what a blessing that tomorrow will be. And I trust that I will come to see what a privileged woman I am indeed.


Here’s to tomorrow, my friends! It’s just around the corner…