Evidence that I Parented Much, Lately.

Ten evidences that I have ‘parented’ in the last twenty-four hours…

10.) Although I picked both daughters up late for Birthday Party # 1 (let’s just say…I am use to seeing the cell phone out and panicked looks on my children’s faces) and then dropped one daughter off at the wrong entrance for Birthday Party #2 (causing her to miss one hour and fifteen minutes of said party and scoring a slice of pizza the size of a garlic finger for My Bad…), I did remember to retrieve both and bring them home at the end of the day.  (Dirty looks abound…)

9.) Although I was responsible for Latter Daughter not getting supper at said b-day bash, I did dodge the mosquitoes and frigid Island June weather to buy milkshakes all around from the Dairy Royale.  (Score!  And I’m back in.)

8.) Although I remembered the edible art supplies for my daughter’s L.A. landscape project made from common grocery items(think: mouldy bread covered in jam, then sprinkled with hardened brown sugar rocks that are better suited for a construction site project…), I forgot to plan an essential trip to Foodland for the main ingredients. (Back in the red…)

7.) But due to eaves-dropping on a convo’ between two colleagues re. a trip to the corner grocery store, I managed to pass my grocery list to one Sweetheart who offered to pick up the finishing touches to said project so that my daughter could eek a passing mark out of this project.

6.) But, because everyone was hungry and we had not time to stop for a burger, I gave the groceries to my children to eat.  Which they proceeded to devour with concerning ferocity.  And maybe I might have eaten a little too. (So long!, art project.  So long!, passing marks…)

5.) Since I am awesome at smoothing things over, I promised Daughter of the Art Genius that I would get the art supplies even if that meant I would leave at recess to go purchase the necessities…pleading with said Daughter to state my case to her lovely teacher (Rehearse: “Busy weekend, no time, stressed to the max”  And again…!)

4.) Didn’t have time to go to the store.  Met teacher in the hall instead.  Panicked.  Told her I ate the homework.

3.) Made an emergency trip to Foodland.  Bought the groceries.  Roundtrip: exactly 4.37 minutes.

2.)Then had a brainwave of creativity.  Saw broccoli on sale.  Thought it might be useful.  Purchased a pretty sad looking pair of stocks.  Hoped daughter might think in terms of environmental restoration and use them as filler.

1.) Dropped off the bag only to have teacher ask, “What’s the broccoli for?  Am I suppose to look after this until the end of the day?”  At which point I realized she thought I had also bought our supper.  I guess it would be a plausible theory.  So, we ended up eating it anyway…in a stir-fry.  At which point my daughter asked, “Is this broccoli from my ART Project?

And so I say.  Here’s the proof.  I parented much, baby.  I did.  And I got the broccoli to prove it.