Funnies from the Kindergarten Classroom…

Me: “Students, what are mammals?”

Students: “They’re those animals on the movie Madagascar.”

Me:(after a not so quiet, Quiet Time) “Students, do you know the meaning of the word “still” ?

Female Student (using a very loud voice): “NO!!!!!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS????!!!”

No, dear. I don’t reckon you do.



In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I can report that love is in the air in Room 103, Kindergarten English. I had two love birds heading out to recess today calling each other sweetie and pretending to be Husband and Wife. Mind you, these same two could just as easily be fighting over who gets the end desk first thing in the morning or who gets to open the classroom door when a visitor comes knocking. But isn’t that the way real love goes? So I guess you could say that art mimics life in this instance as well.
And keeping in the spirit of hearts and lovebirds…I had my first experience chaperoning an impromptu date for my youngest. Who is five, by the way. And the date was with a handsome six-year old at the rink. He chased her and she chased him back. But mostly, she tried to skate away. I asked them who was fastest, and they both agreed: MaryAnne. So, this little guy was not too happy when they weren’t able to sit together on the bus, as we had to assign so many students to a seat. So, in the interest of puppy love, I conceded him the victory, and allowed him to sit three to the seat, with MaryAnne and me. Lots of googly eyes and shy smiles going on. Lots of stifled chuckles on my part. I found the whole thing…endearing and disconcerting at one and the same time.
And me thinks. This mama might just set the precedent…I might be the third wheel on every other date that transpires from here on out!