This one is for the boys… (MEN)

I heard from a man-friend of mine tonight that I don’t really write with a male audience in mind. So this one’s (mostly) for the boys.
For the men.
I want to write about everyday heroes. Because tonight in West Prince, where I live with my family of six, there are some men (and yes, women too) on call all night long with our local volunteer fire department ready to rush out at a moment’s notice to put out fires that immature, thoughtless pranksters lit with no consideration to the everyday heroes that would have to put them out. Men (and yes, women) who have a day job. Men and women who will stay up all night- on call and many of those hours on the job fighting fierce winds and fires), only to get up in the morning to head off to their day job. Because being a hero doesn’t always pay the bills. Funny about that.
I want to write about the men that are everyday heroes in so many ways. The men in my circle of friends that took the time tonight to take their kiddos out trick-or-treating. You men are amazing. You drove your kids in and out of fifty-bazillion driveways just so that they could run around your house before bedtime like crazed zombies on sugar highs. And you did it because you care. Because you’re everyday heroes.
I want to write about the dads that made their child’s costumes this year. I know of one child, a friend of the family’s, whose Dad made her a minion costume. That dad rocks. He’s my hero. I am a mom- I don’t have time for that stuff. But dads do.
I want to write about everyday heroes- dads that let their kids crash in their beds tonight because they’re scared of boogie monsters and goblins and ghosts and who knows what else. Dads that are willing to give up a good night’s sleep so that their child can rest easy- assured that they are safe and protected. Real dads do this stuff all the time. I know. I am married to one.
I want to write about everyday heroes. Men that build things for their kids. Men that show up for soccer games, hockey practices, piano recitals. I want to write about the dads that pack lunches for their kids. According to very particular specifications, in certain cases. These dads know who likes mayo and who likes mustard. They’re everyday heroes.
I want to write about the dads that commute to work over long distances to make ends meet. I want to write about the dads that take paternal leave. Those dads that are stay-at-home dads. You guys…all of you: you knock my socks off. I am so blessed by these dads. Thanks for making the sacrifice.
You are everyday heroes.
My kids go to bed every night knowing their dad is going to read them a bedtime story and say their prayers with them before their head hits the pillow. They know that if they needed him in the night- he’s there. They know that when they wake up in the morning, they’ll find him in the kitchen, making breakfast. They know that on the weekends, he’ll be chopping wood so that we have a warm, cozy house this winter. And they know that if they ever need strong arms to hold and care, his are always ready.
This one’s for the dads- you are unsung heroes and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.
Thanks for everything.